Monkees fans have shown what they can do when they unite! Now, we're
looking to get the "Hey Hey It's The Monkees" 1997 TV special released on DVD!

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What Do We Want?

Fresh off the success of our campaign to get the "Monkees - Live Summer Tour - Extended & Uncut" DVD released, Monkeesrule43 Online is looking to get Monkees fans worldwide to unite again! This time, our goal is to get Rhino Home Video to release the long-awaited "Hey Hey It's The Monkees" TV special on DVD. This hour-long recreation of "The Monkees" 60s TV show aired in 1997 on ABC and featured all four Monkees, making it their last film project to date. Although it has been patiently waited for by fans for eight years, it has never been officially released on video or DVD. Now it's time to change that... Here's what we'd like to see:

"Hey Hey It's The Monkees" TV Special

For a complete synopsis & detailed information, click here.

1996 Billboard Live Concert

This mini-concert was The Monkees' last performance in the United States as a foursome. It was meant to promote their new album, "Justus," and to be a "thank you" to us... their loyal fans. Although it was professionally filmed by Rhino Entertainment Company, the concert was only partially included on the 1997 "Justus" video. Here are the songs that were performed that night:

The Campaign

As many fans know, our last campaign was in the form of an online petition. However, since we are dealing with a larger company (Rhino Home Video) this time, I don't see a petition being effective for this situation. Instead, there's going to be a massive email campaign! Rhino takes fan suggestions very seriously, so if enough people show interest in the same product, we will be successful again! Although there is no obligation to send more than, you can send as many emails as you want and are even encouraged to send a a few every week. This will ensure that they understand our dedication.

How To Participate

To participate in this campaign, please follow the easy steps by clicking on the link below. It will open a popup window with all the information necessary to participate.

The Discussion Board

I have setup a brand new forum on the Monkeesrule43 Discussion Board for the sole purpose of discussion about this campaign. You must register with EZBoard before posting, but it only takes a few minutes.

Spread the Word

As always, the more people who know about a campaign, the better chance we have at reaching our goal. You are under no obligation to help promote the campaign if you participate, but it would be very much appreciated. Please post a short message about our campaign on any website, discussion board, group, or list you own or are a member of. Also, tell your friends, family, & co-workers to take a moment to visit this page & consider sending an email. You may use this banner as well to promote our efforts and remember to link it back to
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